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Discover dream islands like Tenerife, Lanzarote or Crete from the fitness side

Best Fitness Holidays for GYM/Box owners and Groups just got a lot better!

Our Group Fitness Holidays focus on great Fitness retreats and chilling hotels, best sports resorts in Europe! Many Boxes, Gyms, Clubs, Yoga Gurus or Groups have thought about going away on Fitness Holidays with their customers and friends. And that each person has different ideas and wishes for successful breaks isn’t so strange either.

INVICTUS Travel & Training Holidays offer you the best opportunity to get outside and complete your sessions with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back! Invictus Travel is a one-stop-travel–shop and has sent more than 4.000 Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts to Europe´s sexiest training resorts and retreats in the last 3 years alone. Our Travel specialists in the office know all top Yoga retreats and Fitness resorts first hand as they have all been carefully cherrypicked! Spain, Europe or Thailand?
You name it we create it!

It’s clear why the Elite does training camps during the bad weather. They can take an entire off-season to work on their fitness, uninterrupted by the cold and wet winter which keeps the rest of us at home on the sofa. The days are short, and the roads are wet. Many of us can fall foul of the symptoms of winter depression, a lack of sunlight during the day affecting our mood to train. Why not grab some friends and catch a bit of sun in Spain or Thailand?

Take breaks a let us organize your travel! Top healthy hotels and a sports resort in Spain? Or Yoga retreats in Thailand? From active to adventure holidays such as fitness camps to bespoke holistic Cross-training holidays. Which can consist of anything from beach workouts, pool exercises to hiking or weightlifting lesson, find a fitness holiday to suit you! 

Top range of fitness holidays and sports resorts from fitness specialist Invictus Travel. Exclusive offers and benefits for BOXES, GYMS, and Fitness Groups!


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Top Group Fitness Holidays

Our Group Fitness Holidays focus on health and wellness through physical exercise and fun challenges to kick-start your body and mind. Get the most out of your holiday and improve your fitness on one of our group retreats. These retreats are held at various periods throughout the year in healthy locations ranging from Tenerife to Crete, so it is easy to find one that suits your schedule and climate preferences.

INVICTUS Travel offers you the flexibility to choose your favorite health and fitness resort to suit your goals and needs and combine them to create the perfect holiday. Bring your coach with you or let one of ours guiding you through the fitness holiday.

In order to plan ahead several of Invictus Travel partners in Spain, Portugal and Greece have agreed on joining forces and incentivize your next healthy group holidays! To achieve and secure a 20% discount, all you need to do is book your trip for 2020 until 31.01.2020! Invictus Travel offers a one-stop-shop, we´ll take all the organizational workload out of your hands! As an Owner all you need to do is focus on your customers, we´ll do the rest!

Contact info@invictustravel.com for details.

We are happy to send you an estimate, no-frills attached!

Get your 20% early booking discount for 2020 group holidays bookings done before the 31.January 2020!

Training Camps

Fitness Holidays

Whether you're interested in Fitness Retreats, OCR camps, Yoga and Wellness or Triathlon, we have something to suit active and healthy people of all levels.



Our Fitness Holidays are based all around Europe. There's nothing better than a beautiful view and stunning weather to give you the extra motivation when training at your hardest.


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